Surfboard Hire

If you are looking to have some fun in the waves on a Softop Surfboard for the day then you can hire them from the Guernsey Surf School at Vazon bay for £5 per hour. If you prefer to make the most of your day down the beach though you can hire surfboards for the entire day for just £25 (when available).

For more information on the hiring of Body Boards please see our Equipment Hire and Rental Page.

Buy a Surfboard

If you are looking to buy a surfboard there is only one place to head... Yakwax Surf Shop.Johnny
They cater surfboards for everyone, from complete beginners looking for their very first surfboard to the most advance surfers looking for a new competition sled or a number of boards to travel the globe with. As well as your average joe looking for a soulful new Longboard to cruise the waves with.

You won't find a more qualified person on the island to give you surfboard advice than Yakwax Owner, Johnny Wallbridge who is 2015 British Senior Champion, Past Channel Island Champion and 7x Guernsey Surf Champion.

The guys down there will give you honest accurate advice and will not let you leave the shop with a surfboard that is not right for you. Unlike other places they are not salesmen trying to take your hard earned money, they are there because they want you to ride the board you are going to get the most enjoyment and fun out of as well as progress your surfing level to its upmost.

Custom Surfboards

If you are looking for something a little more personnel and specific then the best way to go is a custom surfboard. Yakwax works closely with some of the best shapers and brands on the planet to create extremely high performance surfboards at amazing prices. Custom Shorboards start at just £390.

If you are someone that takes their surfing seriously or just love to surf in the summer and want a custom board that is perfect for you, thats going to help improve your surfing ability then this is definately the way to go!
With custom surfboards you can even design your own spray job and colours so the board looks exactly how you want it to look.

For more information on custom surfboards feel free to pop into Yakwax where the guys will be more than happy to discuss what surfboard would be best suited for you and your surfing needs.


Yakwax is located on Portinfer Coast, just past Port Soif Beach and is only a 5 minute drive north of Vazon Bay... You don't even need to leave the coast road!

You can also check out their website for direction details and to check out everything else that they offer.

yakwax guernsey surf school map