Wetsuit Hire & Rental

If you are looking to have some fun and spend a good amount of your day in the water and in the waves then you're probably going to need a wetsuit. We have a large range of wetsuits to hire from the Guernsey Surf School to cater everyone from XXS Kids to XXXL Adults. Wetsuits can be hired at the rate of £5 per hour.

For more information on our Hire of wetsuits and other equipment please see our Equipment Hire and Rental Page.

Wetsuits To Buy

xcel DrylockWhen it comes to buying a wetsuit its quite a big deal because there are so many brands and models to choose from on the market, with all sorts of different features so where do we start...
Well its actually quite an easy question to answer... Xcel Wetsuits.
Xcel have firmly established themselves as the leading wetsuit company in the world having won the SIMA Award for Best Wetsuit available on 4 occasions in recent years. Xcel offer a large variety of wetsuits for men women and kids that include Shorty's, Full Summer Suits, long arm short leg wetsuits, short arm long leg wetsuits, Winter suits as well as all the accessories you are ever going to need including hoods, gloves, boots and UV protective rash vests.
The reason why they have such a good reputation is because they offer amazing wetsuits at great value for money. Wetsuits start at just £34.90 for kids shortys and go up depending on the thickness and model.

Where to Buy?

Yakwax Surf shop located at Portinfer is just a 5 minute drive up the road from Vazon Bay and the Guernsey Surf School and is the sole trader of Xcel Wetsuits in Guernsey.
They carry the full range and keep their prices as low as anywhere in the UK.

Yakwax Surf Shop is located on Portinfer Coast, just past Port Soif Beach and is only a 5 minute drive north of Vazon Bay... You don't even need to leave the coast road!

If you need any further assistance or directions then please feel free to call us on 07911 710789 or phone the guys at Yakwax on 01481 251888 who are more than happy to help out choose the right wetsuit for you, taking into account your needs and budget.

You can also check out their website for direction details and to browse everything else that they offer.

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