Info Terms & Conditions

What to Bring

It is essential for each surfer to bring:
• A Swimming Costume
• A Towel
• Sun-block (min SPF 15)
• Plenty of Fluids (water recommended)
• Lunch or money for lunch or snacks
• Warm clothing and suitable wet weather gear

If your child has their own wetsuit, it’s well worth bringing it. Also, if they have their own surfboard, they may bring it when their instructor advises them to do so (quite often we like to spend the first couple of days coaching the on a swell board, to enable them to improve their technique)

Lunch and Breaks

We highly recommend your child brings a healthy and appetising packed lunch that includes drinks. Alternatively your child should bring money to buy lunch at the beach cafe, however we do recommend a packed lunch as the cafe can be extremely busy and it may take some time to order and receive food.

Beach Safety Lessons and Surf Life Saving

We teach one lesson on beach safety every day. We believe that everyone who spends time in the ocean should have a basic knowledge of beach safety. We will also spend at least one session teaching surf lifesaving; learning how to affect a basic rescue etc. Again, this is vital information for those who are looking to continue surfing.

Lack of Surf

As much as we would love the surf to be perfect 365 days of the year, it isn’t. However, it is very unlikely that we will get a whole ‘surf-less’ week and we aim to spend as much time in the surf as possible. Therefore, if we have a flat day we will either play water and beach based games, teach surf life saving and beach safety etc, thus giving us more time in the surf when it does arrive!

Big Surf

We do not put anyone in the surf if we believe it may be dangerous. We will contact you as soon as possible if the surf is too big or dangerous.

Bad Weather

Much like the surf, there is not much we can do to control the weather. Again, we aim to work our schedule around bad weather but we expect surfers to turn up with the appropriate clothing/wet weather gear. There are not many weather conditions we cannot deal with. Usually the sea is the best place to be if it is pouring with rain!

The only times we cancel due to bad weather are:
• Wind over a force 6
• Thunderstorms
• Torrential rain predicted for the whole day

If we are unsure about the weather conditions, we will inform you the day before. However, we do not want to cancel if there is a possibility that the weather may change. We arrive at the beach at 08:00am and will phone as soon as possible if we have to cancel.

Cancelled Days

If for any reasons stated above we have to cancel a day or a session of our pre-paid surfing courses, we will offer a similar session as a replacement to suit the student(s) as soon as possible.

No payment will be taken from booked lessons that are on a ‘pay-on-the-day’ basis.

Any credits that are issued are to be used for the student named in the original booking unless otherwise agreed and are to be used within a year of issue.

Our Staff

All of our instructors are in-house trained surf coaches and Beach Lifeguards. As part of our training program we follow a strict set of guidelines as used by the RLSS, ISA and also by our own written NOP’s, EAP and Risk Assessments that are signed off and approved by States of Guernsey Health and Safety department.

Snapshots & Video

From time to time our coaches take pictures and video from the land and use a waterproof camera to capture images of the day’s events. These images are to be used on our website and for promotional purposes. Should you wish not to have photos or video taken of your child, please write to the Guernsey Surf School prior to the start date of the course.


Places cannot be confirmed unless a completed registration form and full payment have been received.

Booking Cancellations

Bookings that are cancelled within 30 days of the course/lesson/camp taking place will be subject to an admin fee of 10% of the booking cost or £10 whichever is greater.

We are unable to offer refunds for bookings cancelled by the customer within 3 days of the course commencing.


Please note that the Guernsey Surf School will not be responsible in any way for any loss/damage to property or injury to persons who are using, or under the supervision of the centre, or during a lesson if not adhering to the rules or advice, direction or correct practice provided by GSS.