Make a Splash: Join Our Junior Lifesaving Club for an Action-Packed Summer!

£200 Per Person
(13 Week Course)
Aged 8-16
2 Hour Session
Every Week for 13 Weeks
A mix of land and water-based sessions.

Join us for a summer filled with water adventures, new friendships, and valuable skills that last a lifetime!
Dive in and become a Junior Lifeguard!

Course Highlights

Introduction to Water Safety:

• Learn the basics of water safety, including the importance of lifeguards and their role in ensuring a safe beach environment.
• Explore different water/beach environments and potential hazards.

Basic Lifeguarding Techniques:

• Discover fundamental lifeguarding techniques such as scanning, recognising distress signals, and assessing water conditions.
• Practice effective communication skills for responding to emergencies.

Rescue Skills:

• Hands-on experience in basic water rescues using rescue boards/tubes and other essential equipment.
• Introduction to teamwork and collaboration during rescue scenarios.

First Aid Basics:

• Gain an understanding of basic first aid techniques relevant to aquatic emergencies.
• Learn how to respond to common injuries and emergencies around the water.

CPR Training:

• Introduction to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques.
• Hands-on practice with CPR dummies to build confidence and competence.

Water Games and Fitness:

• Combine fitness with fun through water-based games that enhance swimming abilities and endurance.
• Develop physical fitness while enjoying the summer sun and water activities.

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